In Preparation…

Gentle Approach

Go Gently…..

smile emoticon kolobok

Dulcet organ tones,
Bear gentle choral voices,
Chanting Agnus Dei.


Haiku in New Ventures.

smile emoticon kolobok

13 responses to “In Preparation…

  1. Discarded feathers, a sign that the family are growing and going.

    [how many syllables is that?]


  2. Oh yes and so moving….hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend. Janet,xxx

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  3. And all the trumpets sounded … :wave:

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  4. I do like Haiku

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  5. Great little pasttime…;)


  6. That is quite poignant and right family are growing and moving on as they should I have to admit I cried when my children left home 😦 but they have given me lovely grandchildren in exchange 🙂

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  7. So true.

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