The Unexpected!

The Unexpected!

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The bloom of youth had barely blushed
When from her enigmatic past
Emerged a harbinger of gloom;
Her fated future was unsure.

She did not know who fathered her,
Her mother died while giving birth,
Leaving her parentage in limbo;
Her mother’s mother, mothered her.

Her pleasant childhood never lacked
Nor tasted any untoward strains;
The older carers filled her needs,
She was a vibrant, happy child.

The story of her life, she knew,
No difference to her life, it made;
A roseate future lay ahead,
Within the rhythmic field of dance.

Then came that sunny autumn day,
A letter dropped in through the post;
Someone who claimed paternity,
Had filtered in from distant past.

The family home in disarray
Envisioned losing lovely lass;
Their fears would prove to be unfounded,
Her future would be guaranteed.

Advice was sought to save the child,
Gently a calming voice declared:
‘The missive bore not gloom but glory,
Paternal legacy for her!’


From: Late Harvest.

smile emoticon kolobok

12 responses to “Unexpected…

  1. A very mixed message.

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  2. I see you sorted your Blavatar and the Kolobloks 🙂

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    • Yes……Kolobloks ~ Copy and Paste. Blavatar? Just deleted all previous efforts and started from scratch…made sure of opting for the ‘G’ rating. 😉


  3. Yep…’G’ rating – absolutely right.
    Gravatar you know about, right? You have one.
    Blog + avatar = WP Blavatar.

    It can rest on your site. Mine is a wheelbarrow peeping out from a hedge. I have a different Gravatar picture.

    Now, what do you mean by C+P Kolobloks, does WP accept them? I did have the icon on my browser, though, after one of the rare formats it has gone. I used to C+P them into Blogspot in the manner used with BCUK.


  4. What a beautiful poem and I am quite sure that this will touch those deeply who don’t know who their biological parents are….

    Thank you, Bushka….and do enjoy a lovely weekend. Janet. xxx

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  5. What a beautiful bloom

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  6. Well I had to go to back in your posts I always like to read from the start. This is beautiful. I think not knowing where one comes from would be sad. I love the end! Beautiful poem!


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