The Madman….A Lesson!

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It was in the garden of a madhouse that I met a youth with a face pale and lovely and full of wonder. And I sat beside him upon the bench, and I said, “Why are you here?”

And he looked at me in astonishment, and he said, “It is an unseemly question, yet I will answer you. My father would make of me a reproduction of himself; so also would my uncle. My mother would have me the image of her seafaring husband as the perfect example for me to follow. My brother thinks I should be like him, a fine athlete.

“And my teachers also, the doctor of philosophy, and the music-master, and the logician, they too were determined, and each would have me but a reflection of his own face in a mirror.

“Therefore I came to this place. I find it more sane here. At least, I can be myself.”

Then of a sudden he turned to me and he said, “But tell me, were you also driven to this place by education and good counsel?”

And I answered, “No, I am a visitor.”

And he answered, “Oh, you are one of those who live in the madhouse on the other side of the wall.”

(Kahlil Gibran: The Wanderer)

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18 responses to “The Madman….A Lesson!

  1. This is wonderful….I love it…. I am so pleased that I reside in the mad house:) Thank you Bushka…keep warm….xxx

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  2. Thank you Janet. Yes, Gibran has a great gift for encapsulating incisive observations about life,,,,,Stay well! Hugs!


  3. ‘Fish in glass bowls,’ ‘people in glasshouses….’ Come to mind. 🙂

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  4. Yes, excellent analogies, M.


  5. A madhouse at times, for sure.

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  6. Looks a very smart blog site – hope you like it….. and have a smooth transition.

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  7. Thanks Peter…Yes, pretty mad at times….;)


  8. Lovely to see you here!!! I shall follow, fingers crossed it works!xxx

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  9. so lovely to see you here Bushka my name on here is annlilian42 would love you to join me 🙂

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  10. That is very wise.:)xx

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  11. I very often feel like that. And very often I feel the need to escape.

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  12. Hi M! Good to make contact with you. Yes, we all feel like this sometimes. 😉


  13. Having read Gibran’s The Prophet I thought I might reblog this if you don’t mind. I know someone who needs to read this.

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