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Bipedal steed awaits with nonchalant ease
Diurnal practice of the rider’s mount;
Fair distance has been growing by degrees,
The mileage on the speedo keeps account.

Of late the rider wears a trendy hat
Lest mishap should assail his hairless head,
His eyes demand protection ‘gainst the gnat
Who wanders willy-nilly, ’tis the dread.

The hour of the day when he appears
Is likely to be in the later morn,
Oft, duty casts their trysting in arrears
Their passionate encounter must adjourn!

Inclement climes despoil their fun-filled jaunt,
Though rider can be seen on stepping steel;
Foul weather resolution cannot daunt,
Long may well-being feed such zeal.

Eurythmic routine pleasures as it trains –
Our hearts, our bodies, spirits and our brains.


(From: New Ventures)

14 responses to “Well-being!

  1. Good afternoon Bushka….how lovely to see you here, and to read one of your superb poems…..
    I will look forward to much more interaction. Have a wonderful weekend…janet. xxx

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  2. Thanks Janet. Yes, might see each other more often – hopefully – when I’ve got the ‘hang’ of it. Enjoy your week-end. Hugs. ❤️


  3. Ooh this is a good looking site Bushka. You seem to be doing awfully well. My site is still a test bed.

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  4. You have soon sorted things bushka i am still struggling to get right.


  5. Thanks M! Starting from scratch. No thought of transferring posts. 😊


  6. Thanks for calling in Jane. Still learning. Popping in at yours soon. Hugs. 😋


  7. What an enjoyable poem! Very glad to have a sight of your trusty steed. A great way to celebrate a new blog! Very nice, by the way – nice and ‘clean’ and easy to find one’s way around. Hmm … must give some more thought to mine 😉


  8. Thanks Gill. Good to know you are around. 😉
    Still much to learn.


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  10. Reblogged this on How my heart speaks and commented:
    A new poet on WP

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  11. You have described very precisely the regime I recently started – except that foul weather easily daunts my resolution. Great fun 🙂


  12. I have pretty much started from scratch too bushka i can not get the comments set up it is a hit and miss exercise at the moment with everything.

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  13. Thanks Avens…..Mike and Katherine….Be looking you up anon…Cheers!


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