New Home!


Where we are rooted;
Shelter from the storms of life –
Haven for the worn!

Lasting seeds are sown,
Wheat and tare grow side by side;
Winnow at harvest!

Wander far and wide,
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter;
Home is in the heart!


(From: Autumn Ambles)

12 responses to “New Home!

  1. Good start Elliot. Move around the site and see whats what.


    Notice my Hutts Blogging World is home for my blogs. I can link up other non-WP blogs there too.


    • Thanks Peter. Trying things out here…..Several things I’d like change…not sure how….Will get there, I’m sure. Good to know you’re around.


  2. welcome to WordPress Bushka. We shalll aim to recreate the community we had in BCUK

    ID(AKA PF)

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  3. Thanks ID. Taking tentative steps. See You! Hugs! Xx ❤️❤️


  4. So you did it!Nice to see you here


  5. Reblogged this on wannatalkavenscent and commented:
    luv it.


  6. Hi there *waves*

    Great start, like you I am finding my feet around here – I am sure we can whip this place into shape 😉

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  7. Hi Ann…..On a steep learning curve….will get there…in the end, I’m sure. Hugs! ❤


  8. I admire your incredible activity at this new home during such a short time. Good luck.

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  9. I’m glad I found your blog…gorgeous photos and words. Blogging is a wonderful thing. I’ve had at least one computer since 1983…I wish my grandfather would have lived into the Cyber-age, he would have been the first kid on his block to have one of the machines. I’m his heir all right. 🙂

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